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guided psychotherapy

with Kim Conway (LICSW, MSW) from A Centered Self

This is a series of three sessions combining Psychotherapy and Psychic Mediumship. This is particularly effective for clients who feel stuck in their ability to feel better.  Combining a Psychotherapist with a Psychic Medium gives clients access to transformative information that otherwise would be inaccessible. Clients will often achieve healing at an expedited rate. 

  • Clients will have an intake appointment with us to discuss their struggles and formulate questions of concern   

  • We work with the psychic medium to communicate with the client's spiritual support team to obtain the root cause of the client's struggles and receive a personalized treatment plan. This occurs without the client present to allow the spirit world to speak openly to the Medium and to us

  • Clients will have a results appointment to receive all information unveiled along with guidance to begin their healing work

  • Clients can choose to make further psychotherapy appointments for continued guidance 

  • This is available to other counselors seeking guidance for their clients. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more

  • This is also available via Skype

Series of 3 sessions including one hour intake appointment, one hour Integrated Session and One hour results appointment: $455

Series of 3 sessions including one hour intake appointment, one hour Integrated Session, one hour results appointment PLUS 3 additional psychotherapy appointments: $650

Sessions are booked through A Centered Self

Kim Conway is a licensed therapist who combines traditional clinical skills

with alternative healing methods. Her approach with clients is intuitive,

mindful and spiritual.  She integrates cognitive behavioral therapy, energy

healing, spirit guided psychotherapy, soul coaching and regression therapy.

Kim treats clients struggling with many issues including depression, anxiety,

low self esteem, managing relationships and stress. With Kim’s guidance her

clients develop their own unique ability to manage their struggles, gain insight

and clear their paths to happier lives.

Kim received her Masters in Social Work at Adelphi University. She has worked in private practice settings and medical and psychiatric hospitals. With her 25 plus years of work experience she has witnessed countless individuals gain the ability to overcome life’s struggles.

About Kim Conway, LICSW, MSW

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