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Frequently Asked


Karissa and her staff are happy to answer any and all questions to give you a better understanding. Your comfort and confidence in Mediumship, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Work, and Karissa's abilities is important to us. If you cannot find your questions here, please reach out! No question is too big or too small.

Mediumship is the ability to talk to the deceased and communicate with the Spirit world. Karissa Eve is a channel for your loved ones. They may speak to her directly, speak through her, show her things, make her feel their emotions and physical sensations, allow her to see through their eyes and even experience things as they did. In a reading, Karissa Eve gives control to those in Spirit, allowing them to come through in whatever way they feel most able. You may notice that she will use certain phrases exactly as the person she is communicating with did, or make physical gestures as they did. She might even pick up an accent or some words in a different language. What Spirit is capable of is truly limitless, which is why every reading is different and unique.

Karissa Eve is not in control of who comes forward or of what the messages will include, she is simply the conduit through which your loved one's will speak.

As an Evidential Medium, Karissa Eve strives to bring as much information through about your loved ones as to truly paint them as they were in life. Once the Spirit has identified themselves, they move onto messages. They have so much to say! It might be an apology, it might be to fix that knocking noise in your car, it might be that they were with you as you laid down on your couch the night before to watch their favorite movie. The message will most definitely come bearing love to the recipient. The only thing you need to do is to come with an open mind and an open heart.

what is mediumship?

what is a spirit guide & how do you work with them?

Everyone has access to their own personal Spirit Guide or Guides that have been with them since birth. Their interest is in guiding and protecting you throughout your lifetime. They can come through to give you information on any situation happening in your life now, where it may be going in the future and even dive into behavioral issues or past patterns that need to be rectified to move forward. They are concerned with you and that is what their messages will be about. You can even ask them questions. 

This differs from communicating with your passed loved ones since this is your ethereal support team; those on the other side who have watched over you and walked by you since you came to earth. As with Mediumship, Karissa Eve will channel their messages for you, as they are always ready to lend wisdom, support and of course, guidance.

what can I expect at my reading?

Karissa Eve's primary focus is on mediumship but she may bring your Spirit Guides into a reading when and if she feels called to do so.  

Most likely, yes. However, please be aware that there is no gaurantee that you will hear from who you want to hear from. You also might hear from other people in Spirit before the person you're hoping to connect with comes through. In this instance, Karissa asks that you be patient and still listen attentively. People who are strongly waiting to hear from a particular person in Spirit sometimes become fixated on that individual. It is fairly common for them to dismiss the other people that come forward first because they are so excited to get to the one they truly want to hear from! This is why it's a great idea to take notes. You also might think that you have no idea who the Spirit is that Karissa is trying to describe. This is unlikely, it is much more likely that they are just currently out of your frame of reference because you are focused on someone else. That's ok! Just jot down the information and take it with you so that you can make sense of it when it all comes back to you. It takes Spirit and Karissa a great amount of energy to conduct a reading so your patience and respect is apreciated. 

will I hear from the deceased person I want?

No, Spirit will only bring through positive messages for your highest and best good. Messages are all love based and do not come from a place of fear. There is no such thing as a 'bad spirit' coming through so you have nothing to fear. 

will you tell me anything bad?

The language of Spirit is universal and not strictly verbal. Karissa has conducted readings with Spirits speaking everything from Russian to Mandarin. People that were disabled or non-verbal in life can communicate through a reading as well. Because Spirit uses mulitple ways to deliver their messages to Karissa, she can understand them in a multitude of ways. Sometimes they are even able to pass on a word or two in their native tounge.

what is my loved one did not speak english?

Anyone that has a spiritual connection and bond of love with you. This can be a family member that you were most close with, a neighbor you haven't thought of in 10 years, or a girl from High School who passed away 20 years ago. It doesnt matter how long ago someone has passed, whether it was last month or 30 years ago. A child that passed in utero or a great grandparent that passed before you were born can come through if they have a message for you. Just relax and try to remember who you have on the other side, because you never really know who might come through!

who can come through in a reading?

Spirit is always ready to connect, there is no universal rule for a period of waiting. That being said, Karissa strongly encourages you to allow yourself an oppurtunity to experience your grief first. A mediumship reading works best when you are ready to receive a message from your loved one and this is often after you have processed the initial shock. Please use your best judgement. 

how long should I wait to come in for a reading after someone I love passes?

Please visit our Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy here! We value both your time and Karissa's so please understand that no refunds (partial or full) will be given after a session is over. Our policies are strictly enforced and its your responsibility to be informed. If you have questions about cancellations or refunds that you don't see outlined here please send us an email and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

what is your refund policy?

Absolutely! Please bring a recorder or cell phone of your own to your session. Unfortunely, at this time Karissa is unable to record sessions for you. You may be asked to read and sign a document stating you will only use your recording for personal use and the recording cannot be shared publicly or uploaded online without Karissa's consent. Karissa is not responsible for setting up a recorder nor malfunctions that may happen with your device.

can I record my reading?

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