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By scheduling an appointment and participating in a session (or sessions) with Karissa, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:


Karissa will make every attempt to communicate information and achieve contact with the metaphysical world; you understand and accept, however, that the aforementioned contact may not always occur, and is not guaranteed. As such, you further understand that any messages or information that may be successfully communicated, may or may not be what you were expecting (or hoping) to hear. By participating in this reading, you agree to release Karissa from any liability whatsoever, in perpetuity, for any information that may or may not be communicated to you during this session.


In exchange for your payment in the previously agreed upon amount, Karissa will perform a spiritualist reading tailor-made to your needs. In respectful consideration of new customers, Karissa’s Private Sessions include the ability to end your session before 20 minutes have passed, at which point you will receive a refund for the previously paid amount (minus a $10 Processing Fee). Any Private Session that surpasses the 20-minute mark will not receive any refunds, as all sales will be considered final past this point. All other requests for refunds will be denied. As previously mentioned, no information during a reading is guaranteed, and absolutely no refunds will be issued based on dissatisfaction resulting from messages that may or may not have been relayed during the reading.


If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, 48 hours notice will be required for a full refund (minus the aforementioned $10 Processing Fee) or to reschedule. If you do not show for your appointment, and/or do not call to inform us that you can’t make it, no refunds or rescheduling will be available. Cancelations and rescheduling that occur the same day as your appointment, will receive a 50% refund.


You further agree and acknowledge understanding of the fact that any and all advice or affirmations of fact provided by Karissa, are for entertainment purposes only, and should not be the sole factor (or any factor) used by you in making any life decisions. You therefore agree to waive any and all rights to claim Karissa to be at fault for any damages that may result from the aforementioned advice or affirmations of fact provided by Karissa.


This language represents the entire agreement reached between both Parties (you and Karissa), and any prior agreements that both parties have previously entered into, shall be hereby merged into this agreement. Should any portion of this agreement be deemed unenforceable by an official court, that portion shall be permanently removed from this agreement, and the remaining agreement shall remain fully enforceable by any further courts of Law.


For your reference, this agreement may be terminated by Karissa at any time, and for any reason. Should the agreement be terminated, you forfeit any and all funds that have been paid to Karissa, and any remaining “balances” shall be rendered null and void.


Should a dispute arise, both Parties hereby agree to appear at a Presuit Mediation in Hillsborough County, and make a good faith effort to resolve said conflict in this manner, before filing any formal complaints. If after such attempts at mediation the two Parties are still unable to reach a resolution, a lawsuit may be filed by either Party. The entire measure of damages may not exceed the fee paid in exchange for services; should you prevail in such a case where a lawsuit has been filed, you will only be entitled to a refund of the requisite fee, and nothing more. Should Karissa prevail in such a case where a lawsuit has been filed, Karissa shall be entitled to any fees which may have remained unpaid, and any additional damages (such as defamation of character) that may have resulted from statements or actions perpetrated by you verbally, in written word, or across any communication medium. Further, the prevailing Party in any lawsuit between these two Parties, shall be entitled to their reasonable Attorney’s fees, and any and all costs and penalties suffered in connection with aforementioned lawsuit.


The venue for the lawsuit shall reside only in Hillsborough County. You further acknowledge that the laws in the state of New Hampshire shall apply to this action and govern this agreement.

By scheduling your personal reading, you agree to the terms and conditions of this entire agreement.

Refund & Cancellation


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