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Karissa Eve's

                                           experiences with spirit started as a young girl but took many years of difficulty before she truly began to understand herself as a Psychic Medium. Looking through the lens of childhood trauma, Karissa Eve was often afraid of her encounters with Spirit. After many years of anxiety and confusion, Karissa finally began to accept her abilities as a tool to help others rather than an affliction. She was embraced by other Mediums and started to walk the path of healing, finally understanding herself as the Psychic Medium she was born to be. 

Karissa Eve is now a professional Psychic Medium with an emphasis on demonstrating and educating others about Mediumship. She is a passionate mentor for helping others learn to understand themselves and their own gifts, seeking the fruit that trauma often leaves behind for us to benefit from. She often works with other mental health professionals to educate them about where mental health and psychic abilities overlap, helping to change the way the psychological world views extrasensory information. Karissa has studied with many renowned Mediums and has mentored directly with international Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell for two years. Karissa has also trained for 2 years with pillar of Mediumship and Spiritualism,  Mavis Pitilla. Many others have also contributed to the understanding and working relationship she has developed with the Spirit world. 

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